Worthington Primary School

School Staff

Teaching Staff

Mr. C. Searle Headteacher
Mrs. H. Chatterton Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher
Mrs. C. Best Head of Key Stage One, Class Teacher Year 1
Mrs. J. Creswell Head of Early Years, Class Teacher Reception
Miss. M. Grover Class Teacher Nursery
Miss. E. Brocklehurst Teaching Assistant, Nursery and HLTA
Mrs. J. Heath Teaching Assistant (Part Time), Nursery
Miss. E. Shaw Class Teacher, Year 1/2
Miss. L. Divito Teaching Assistant, Reception
Mrs. B. Fattal Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Newell Teaching Assistant
Mrs. N. Bell Class Teacher, Year 3 and SENDCO
Mrs. J. Cavill Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. Lyons Class Teacher, Reception (Part Time)
Mrs. A. Afaq Class Teacher, Reception (Part Time)
Miss. H. O’Rourke Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Eccles Teaching Assistant
Mrs. V. Flaherty Teaching Assistant
Miss. L. Winch Class Teacher, Year 3/4
Mrs. R. Houldsworth Class Teacher, Year 5
Mr. A. Chamberlain Class Teacher, Year 4
Mr. G. Fenton Class teacher, Year 5/6
Miss. C. Bate Class teacher, Year 2
Mrs. M. Pope Class teacher (Part Time PPA cover)
Mrs. E. English SENDCO (Part Time) (PPA cover)
Mrs. C. Lavin Teaching Assistant and HLTA
Mr. G. Creswell Teaching Assistant
Mrs. H. Highley Teaching Assistant

Administrative Staff

Mrs. M. Brncic Office Manager
Mrs. l. Donnelly School Secretary


Mr. P. Davies Caretaker
Mrs. C. Brooks School Cleaner
Mrs. G. Butler School Cleaner
Mrs D. Cooper School Cleaner

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. C. Rogers Cook in Charge
Miss. C. Rogers Cook

Midday Staff

Mrs. B. Chambers Midday Supervisor
Mrs. A. Bown Midday Assistant
Miss J. Bradshaw Midday Assistant
Mrs. K. Rawden Midday Assistant
Mrs. S. Bhattacharya Midday Assistant
Mrs. V. Nicolaou Midday Assistant
Mrs. R. Jerath Midday Assistant
Mrs. N. Alam  Midday Assistant
Mrs. J. Bentley Midday Assistant
Mrs. M. Tootell Midday Assistant
Miss B. Johnson-Peacock Midday Assistant