Parent Consultation

There are two formal opportunities in each academic year (Autumn and Spring Term) for parents to meet with the class teachers to discuss their child. In addition, we welcome parents and carers to a Meet the Teacher evening during the first few weeks of the new academic year. Apart from these times, parents are welcome to come into school at any time if they wish to discuss a particular matter. However, we would ask that you do not take up the teacher’s time at the start of the day. Teachers need to be available to teach from 8.55 a.m. It would be preferable if you could call a little earlier or arrange to see them after school. If the matter is urgent, either the Headteacher or Deputy is usually available.

All parents receive an annual written report (Summer Term) with details of their child’s attainments in National Curriculum core and foundation subjects. This is part of the child’s Record of Achievement.

All Reception children are assessed against The Early Learning Goals from the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Parents are informed of their child’s progress.

All children in Year 1 are assessed for their understanding of phonics. Parents are informed of their child’s progress.

Pupils in Years 2 and 6 will take national tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics; parents are informed of the level achieved by their child.

Parents are invited to school to share the work of the children at other times during the school calendar. Such events include class assemblies, musical events, school concerts and productions.