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A Quarter of a Million Visitors!

On Monday 21st January 2019, we registered the 250,000th visitor to our website! The daily average number of visits to our website has more than doubled from 86 in 2014 to 179 in 2019.

On behalf of all the staff, children and governors of the school, we hope that you all continue to visit our website and find the information contained of value and interest.

Our Emmeline

On Friday 14th December, exactly one hundred years since women were first able to vote in a general election, the new statue of Emmeline Pankhurst , entitled ‘Our Emmeline’ was unveiled in St Peter’s Square. A group of pupils from years fie and six were invited to join a march which began at the Pankhurst centre on Oxford Rd and took us right up to the meeting circle which is the Statues resting place. We listened to speeches from key people: Councillor Simcock; members of the city council who have backed the project; Emmeline’s great-granddaughter Helen Pankhurst and the sculptor Hazel Reeves. Our pupils participated fully in the marching chants of ‘What do we want?’ ‘Equality!’ and they also gave very well-informed answers to questions from a BBC Radio Manchester reporter. It was a very moving and momentous occasion which we were delighted to be part of.

Councillor Andrew Simcock’s Visit – Emmeline Pankhurst’s Statue

27.11.18. Councillor Simcock with School Council members and the bronze maquette of Emmeline Pankhurst.

A special guest paid us a visit last week to tell us about an important event which is taking place in Manchester next month. Councillor Andrew Simcock from Manchester City Council has spent the last four years working tirelessly to raise money for a new statue in Manchester. A statue of Emmeline Pankhurst will be unveiled on December 14th to mark the centenary of women gaining the right to vote in a general election.

Councillor Simcock noticed that Queen Victoria was the only female represented by a statue in Manchester and decided to begin a campaign to remedy this omission. A list of a possible 20 worthy female candidates , all with a connection to Manchester, was drawn up and after a series of presentations and democratic votes, Emmeline Pankhurst was selected as the new subject. She was born in Moss Side and with the significant political milestone looming she was an excellent choice.

Funding for this project has been raised entirely from charity events organised by Councillor Simcock and not from council coffers. The artist who won the bid also made 10 smaller bronze maquettes (scale models) which have been sold to help with funding. Councillor Simcock owns one of these and was able to bring it to show us.

Music Event – Friday 16th November

What a magnificent day – and it wasn’t just the children who got into the swing of things!

All this week our children have been learning about pop music through the decades.  As well as learning iconic songs from their chosen era, they have also been learning something about the culture and fashion from the time, and also some of the major events that happened in British history.

We began with the 1920’s with a selection of brass instruments popularly used by jazz musicians.  Next we travelled to the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.  As each decade passed, we learned more and more about the times and why certain types of music were more popular during certain decades.   For example why was there a peace movement in the 60’s and why was disco music so popular in the 70’s?

The children had made their own non-tuned musical instruments which they played on the day and several older children in Years 5 and 6 played tuned instruments with great proficiency (guitar and xylophone).  In addition, Megan played the drums magnificently during her group’s performance.

We are already planning our next big termly event for our Spring Term – Dance!

Watch this space for more news…..