Young Voices 2018

Young Voices Concert

Part of the 5,734 Young Voices

Last week our Key Stage 2 choir once again attended the Young Voices concert at Manchester Arena. Hundreds of schools take part in this massed choir event and a fantastic time was had by all, including the many parents who supported us.

For several months the children have been learning a vast repertoire of songs and on one glorious evening, they had the opportunity to join with 5, 734 massed voices and professional musicians, singers and dancers to entertain the many thousands of adoring fans who attended.

The children began their final practice at 2:00 p.m. in the Arena and sang for the next three hours!  After a well-earned tea, they then began the concert at 7:00 p.m.  Tired, but very happy, the choir returned to school at 9:45 that evening.  And yes – they were all ready for school the next day!  Very well done children and our great thanks go to the parents for their support and of course to Mrs Creswell (choir leader) and Mrs Heath and Mrs Cavill for making it all happen.

Some of our Choir

Teachers doing their thing!

Looks Like Fun!