The Story of Worthington School

Packed full of historical facts and painstakingly researched from our school archive, the incredible story of Worthington is told in 98 pages of glorious technicolour.  ‘The Story of Worthington School’ is now available from the school office priced £15 for a soft cover and £25 for a hardback keepsake.  The author, Christopher King has tracked down the most fascinating information to bring the history of the school to life.  The book is heightened by first-hand accounts, archive photographs and beautifully illustrated scenes by local artist, Rob Lenihan.

During the first 112 years of our school’s history, a great deal has happened.  The school and those who have attended have gone through some sad and some very happy times.  The school experienced devastation at the hands of the Luftwaffe, closure due to the Spanish Flu epidemic at the end of the First World War, and many other great events.  But through it all, the resilience, fortitude and humour of our great school has shone out.

We are aware of the many thousands who regularly read our school website – please do contact school if you would like a copy, while we still have some left!