Worthington Primary School

The Great, Great Fire of London Performance Workshop

Late last month, our Year 1 and 2 children worked alongside a performer in residence, who was able to add so much to our Key Stage One topic of The Great Fire of London.

Throughout the two days, our performer worked with each child from our three classes and developed their understanding of the Great Fire through speech, drama and music.

On the final afternoon, the children came together in the school hall to perform what they had learned before an audience of parents and carers.  The hall was jam-packed with visitors, all of whom seemed to really appreciate the hard work shown by our children, staff and performer in residence.

Our children were equally as impressed: “I loved it and I would say that performing in front of my mum and dad was the best!” said one very happy child.  Another added that “This has been fantastic, can we do it again?”

With those reactions, we certainly will be asking Steph, our performer in residence, to return to work with our children in the future.

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