Sal and his team Scale New Heights

Yes, they have made it!!  Sal, Darren and their team reached the summit of Mount Toubkal but it wasn’t an easy climb.  Sal (in light grey) and Darren (in red) had to endure bitterly cold temperatures and suffered altitude sickness during the climb.  They spent three nights camped on the mountain and suffered hunger and fatigue throughout.

The view from the top of the mountain was breath taking.

On his way up the mountain, Sal thought of Chloe when times got tough and wore a Manchester Children’s Hospital T-Shirt throughout.  As of this morning, the amount raised by the climbers amounts to £2,381.25!  Everyone at Worthington wants to thank Sal and his team for everything they have done for sick children in the Manchester area.

Sal at the summit Atlas Mountains The Team at The Top