Our Chicks Have Hatched!

Our Chicks In Their New Temporary Home

Never were so many people interested in coming in to our nursery so often! Our eggs only arrived on Monday and by the following day three chicks had hatched in the incubator!
By Wednesday morning, nine little chicks were busy in their temporary new home. It is such a joy for the children to see new life arrive and our staff love witnessing young faces full of awe and wonder.
All the children in school will get the opportunity to see the baby chicks over the next week and a half.
In the meantime all our nursery children have promised to do all they can to make our chicks feel at home as possible. They are really enjoying finding out about new life and life cycles and also have some caterpillars in the class to observe over the coming weeks. At the moment the children are working on names for all the chicks – although it might be a little difficult to tell one from another!
As you can see from the photographs, these chicks aren’t very cooperative when asked to stand in a straight line and look at the camera!

Incubator Time