Mrs Chatterton’s Class Visit to Manchester’s Buddhist Temple

Meditating With The Venerable

Yesterday Mrs. Chatterton’s class visited Manchester’s Fo Guang Shan BuddhistTemple in Old Trafford with Mrs. Afaq. We want to thank those who showed us round the Temple and made our visit so special.


The Temple itself consists of three shrine rooms, a library, a dining hall, a reception hall and a number of function rooms for meetings, classes and leisure activities. The main shrine is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha, who lived in India two and a half thousand years ago and attended enlightenment, realising the path to nirvana. Another shrine is dedicated to Avalokitesvara Bodisattva (Guan Yin), who embodies great compassion. The third shrine is dedicated to Ksitigarbha Bodisattva, who embodies great vows, having vowed to deliver all beings from suffering.


The temple is one of the few Buddhist monasteries in England. In addition, it holds religious services on a regular basis.


We were shown around the Temple by Irene, who told us a lot about what goes on in the Temple and also about Buddhism itself. We then met The Venerable, a Buddhist Monk, who showed us how she meditates – we really enjoyed having a go ourselves.


At the end of our half day visit, we were each given a bracelet of beads. We all thought it was a wonderful visit and was certainly very peaceful. It also helped us further understand what it is like to be a Buddhist.

The Temple’s Motto Relaxation Techniques