Key Stage One begin the year with a walk

Key Stage One Local Walk


Our Key Stage One children spent time last week looking really closely at their local environment.  During the week they went for a walk around the block and took lots of photographs.   They then came back to class and drew maps of their locality, writing the names of the roads and any important landmarks they came across.  In addition, the children began to look at the differences in types of houses and why certain things like zebra crossings are found where they are.

This is part of a much larger topic which includes looking at the works of LS Lowry.  This week the children are working with an artist in residence from the Lowry Centre in Salford and will be displaying their work in our entrance hall very shortly.  Prior to this work, the children used our green screen technology to become part of a Lowry painting.

A group of our children becoming part of a Lowry painting – easy when you know how!