Children in Need 2017

Children in Need Enterprise Afternoon

This afternoon, 17th November 2017, we have seen the culmination of our Enterprise Day.  All the children in school have been preparing for our Children in Need giving day.  This year we decided that we would link our giving to our drive towards enterprising thoughts and deeds.

In the main photograph, you can see baked goods on sale in the school’s main corridor.  Some of our reception children, along with our Year 3 / 4 class, baked cakes yesterday and decorated them this morning.  As you can see this has proved an extremely popular stall!

However, this cake stall is just one of many.  We held a second hand book sale in our Year 6 classroom, a games room in Year 5, a toy sale in our Year 5 / 6 classroom, a biscuit decorating stall, a series of guessing games and even a chocolate fruit cocktail fountain!

All the money raised will go directly to the BBC’s Children in Need and we shall keep you posted as to the final amount we have raised today – just as soon as Mr Searle can tear himself away from the chocolate fountain!

Getting Ready! Book Sale Toy Sale Chocolate Fountain Games Room