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Change 4 Life Club – End of Course Celebrations

Change 4 Life Party

Yesterday, our current Change 4 Life Club members celebrated the end of their course together with a slap-up supper of fajitas with guacamole, washed down with fruit smoothies!

The children pictured have been attending our healthy cookery and arts activity club for the last four weeks.  They have all cooked a range of healthy recipes in our purpose built food technology room, including a feta salad and roast vegetable soup with homemade bread.  To be honest, the school always smells wonderful on a Monday after school!

This group of children come from Years 1, 2, 5 and 6.  They work together during club hours and love to support one another when finding out, doing and making.  Naturally, the best part of all is when they get to try out what they have cooked.  Let’s hope they now feel comfortable about cooking even more healthily at home.  Very well done children.

Next half term, our Change 4 Life leaders will be working with Reception and Lower Key Stage Two children.

Change 4 Life Party

Change for Life Party

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