Worthington Primary School

Key Stage Two Gymnastics Competition, Wednesday 8th February

Here we see some of our elite gymnastics squad who represented school at a recent Trafford Gymnastics Competition.  On the final Friday of half term, we celebrated their achievements, along with our newly formed Year 3 and 4 hockey team, who played earlier in the week in a Trafford competition at Brooklands Sports Club.  (They […]

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Change 4 Life Club – End of Course Celebrations

Yesterday, our current Change 4 Life Club members celebrated the end of their course together with a slap-up supper of fajitas with guacamole, washed down with fruit smoothies! The children pictured have been attending our healthy cookery and arts activity club for the last four weeks.  They have all cooked a range of healthy recipes in our […]

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The Great, Great Fire of London Performance Workshop

Late last month, our Year 1 and 2 children worked alongside a performer in residence, who was able to add so much to our Key Stage One topic of The Great Fire of London. Throughout the two days, our performer worked with each child from our three classes and developed their understanding of the Great Fire […]

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